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Sparkling Crystals Header

Crystals made of construction paper add a touch of luxury

Jule | July 6, 2018

Geometric figures made of paper are currently very much in vogue. The spectrum ranges from simple balls, prisms, or pyramids, even elaborate 3-D decorations for the wall. With our crystals, you can approach this art with just a few steps and a little finesse. It is usually quite easy. After all, everyone has a few sheets of construction paper at home. We opted for crystals in the noble colors of gold and black and let you create glitz and glamor in the bathroom with a lot of craftsmanship.


  • Construction paper in gold and black
  • Bonefolder
  • Glue, scissors or cutter
  • Large triangle or rule
  • Pencil, pen, possibly thin knitting needle
  • Masking Tape (if available)
  • Template (for download)
Sparkling Crystals Step 2
Sparkling Crystals Step 4


How to fold the crystals

Step 1First download template for the sparkling crystals

Step 2Place the printed original on the construction paper and trace the lines with a ballpoint pen or a thin knitting needle. It is helpful to fix the template with masking tape on the paper. The masking tape can then be easily removed without damaging the paper.

Step 3Carefully cut out the crystals according to the outlines. With a cutter, you will get accurate cut edges.

Step 4It is helpful to trace the fold lines vigorously with a bonefolder along the ruler or a triangle to create beautiful folds without the paper tearing at the edges. Prefold the resulting folded edges.

Step 5First, fold the long crystal body and fix it with the glue bottle. Then connect the narrow crystal sides gradually with the adhesive surfaces. Finally, glue the straight crystal surface to the remaining adhesive surfaces.



If you would like to hang up the crystals as a decoration, pull a thread through them before closing the crystal surface as part of step 5. The construction paper can be easily pierced with a regular needle. To keep the thread in the crystal safely, a bead or small sequin can be threaded. Thus the thread cannot slip out of the finished diamond. Finally attach the crystal surface.

Crystals decoration idea 3

For more ideas to add a touch of luxury to your oasis of wellness, please see our inspiration Luxury for your bathroom.

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