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Discover high-quality wok pans, sets, and recipe inspirations for authentic Asian dishes.

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Wok pan Flavoria
Item No.: 10193
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Wok Calido red
Item No.: 11947
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Wok Calido black
Item No.: 12475
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Wok Kerros
Item No.: 15157
86.95 *
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Wok-set Mini 5 pieces
Item No.: 77747
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Wok-set Wokset Asia
Item No.: 77943
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Mini Wok Joy
Item No.: 10059
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Wok Calido gray
Item No.: 12610
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Stella Nova wok
Item No.: 12229
94.95 *
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Wok Calido rough from kela made of cast iron

What is the difference between a wok pan and a normal pan? 

A wok pan is characterised above all by the higher side walls and the possibility of achieving very high frying temperatures. Typical and very common for cooking in wok pans is the pan stirring technique. For this cooking technique of stir-frying, the high side walls are indispensable, as the food is constantly in motion. The higher side walls ensure that nothing falls out when stirring, and the food is also often "parked" there. The food comes into contact with high heat at the bottom of the pan, while the cooler side walls ensure that nothing burns. In general, cooking in a wok is short, so that the food stays fresh and crisp. Thanks to the special shape and the high side walls, different ingredients can be prepared at the same time.  

Basically, versatile dishes can be prepared in a wok pan. Whether steaming, frying, boiling, braising or deep-frying, a wok pan is wonderfully uncomplicated and with a little practice, particularly delicious and healthy dishes can be prepared. We are talking about wok pans here, as a classic wok is round at the bottom, more or less like a hemisphere. 

Different materials for wok pans

Wok pans are available in different materials, as well as with and without coating. The right wok pan should therefore be chosen depending on the type of use. The materials commonly used for wok pans are often aluminium, cast iron, cast aluminium or stainless steel. kela offers wok pans made of cast aluminium or cast iron with a coating.

Cast iron woks

Cast iron can be heated strongly. At the same time, the material has a very good heat distribution. This means that the heat is distributed right to the edge, which is important when cooking with a wok. A rough surface promotes the development of the frying aromas in the best possible way due to the larger surface area and gives the food a particularly intense flavour. Cast iron as a material stores the heat optimally, so that the cookware is ideally suited for serving. Our wok pans are equipped with a rough enamel coating. Our Calido wok in red is a visual highlight.  

Cast aluminium wok and cast iron wok kela


Wok pans from kela - the right wok for every need


Wok sizes

Wok pans are among the large pans. Sizes from 28 cm in diameter are recommended for cooking at home with this special pan. Many wok pans have a diameter of 32 cm and even 36 cm because of their special shape. Small tip: for single households, kela has the Mini cast iron wok set in its range, where the pan has a smaller diameter of 24 cm. 

Wok set mini small cast iron wok pan

Wok dishes for inspiration - Cooking in the wok

Fancy an Asian evening with friends? We hope you have fun and enjoy trying out and cooking wonderfully light and tasty dishes.

Wok dishes. Ideas for wok recipes and typical wok vegetables


Wok vegetables

Ideas for typical vegetables that are often used in Asian cuisine: Peppers, chilly, broccoli, sugar snap peas, carrot, vegetable onions and mushrooms. Wok dishes are often refined and seasoned with soy sauce, fish sauce, ginger, chilly and lime. If you like to cook in the wok, you should also have coconut milk, peanut puree and various curry pastes in stock at home.

Tip: Sesame oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, coconut oil and clarified butter are particularly recommended for high-temperature frying. 


Tips for care and use of the woks

Before using the woks for the first time, wash them thoroughly with warm rinsing water and dry them carefully. Do not heat the pans for a long time without contents. Please note that the handles can get very hot - the handles should never be over hobs. We strongly recommend cleaning by hand for our coated wok pans.

Cast aluminium wok pans

  • Do not use metal kitchen utensils and do not cut on the coating. 
  • Wok pans with non-stick coating are very easy to clean. It is often enough to rub out the pan, otherwise clean briefly in the rinsing water with a soft sponge or cloth and dry well.

Cast iron wok pans

  • Please do not cut on the enamel coating. It can cause scratches and cut marks.
  • Use suitable fats and oils for cooking. Cast iron wok pans are not suitable for cooking without fat. 
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